Park ranger John Anderson is shown with Sadie after her rescue from a ledge near a glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska. (Mark Thompson/National Park Service via Associated Press)

A ranger at Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska plucked a dog off a cliff ledge near Exit Glacier.

Sadie was brought down in the backpack of ranger John Anderson early last week.

“I could tell when he had lassoed the dog because the crowd kind of — ‘Yay!’ — applauded,” chief ranger Mark Thompson, who helped in the rescue, said Tuesday.

The park’s chief of interpretation, Kristy Sholly, said she didn’t know how long the dog, which blended in with the rocks, had been there. Sadie was probably a bit dehydrated, and she was coaxed into the backpack after refusing to walk on her own, Sholly said.

Thompson said the dog was pretty worn out, and he and Anderson took care so as to not spook her.

Park officials began hearing reports a few days earlier of a dog in the area, on the glacier and along the Resurrection River near Seward, Alaska. But Sholly said rangers weren’t able to find it.

Anderson had to be lowered by rope Monday to rescue the dog from the ledge.

Sadie was on a trial adoption but was staying with a house sitter while the people were out of state for a family emergency, according to animal control officer Shelli McDowell. McDowell estimated that Sadie had traveled about 20 miles from home.

— Associated Press