Artist Noah Williams created this mask, “ Third Eye,” using shells, wood, sticks, keys, pieces of leather and other items he found. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

Noah Williams likes to make masks that stare back at you through bottle-cap eyes. Try to make a mask like that yourself.

Start with an old, empty cereal box. (Don’t break the box down.) Glue or tape newspaper over the box. Glue old buttons or bottle caps on the mask for eyes, remembering, Williams said, that the eyes don’t have to be in the place where a human’s eyes would go. Check out your recycling bin for things you could use to decorate the mask, such as the metal ring that you pull to open a can of soda. Cut out cool pictures from old magazines and glue them onto your mask. Make hair by cutting strips of newspaper and gluing them to the top of the cereal box.

Try anything! And most important, Williams said, express yourself!