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Make a wind chime and listen to the sounds of summer

This easy craft requires only three simple items from your yard and a craft store.

Wind chimes can be made with a stick and a few simple materials from the craft store. (Kris Coronado)
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Celebrate summer by making your own wind chime. With only three items — a stick, ribbons and bells — this outdoor instrument will easily bring music to your ears the entire season.

Adult’s help: Some

Hands-on time: 45 minutes

Total time: 45 minutes


● A sturdy, foot-long stick that’s at least a ¼-inch thick

● Scissors

● Tape measure

● 3 spools of ribbon ⅜ inches wide and ­5 yards long (one orange, turquoise and yellow)

● 11 1-inch bells


1. Find a sturdy stick outside that’s about a foot long and straight.

2. Measure 22 inches of orange ribbon, then cut with scissors. Tie one end of the ribbon to the middle of the stick with a tight double knot.

3. Next, measure and cut two 21-inch-long turquoise ribbons. Tie them on either side of the orange ribbon with a double knot, leaving an inch of space between the turquoise and each orange ribbon. Hold the stick up to make sure the turquoise ribbons are even in length. If not, snip the longer one with scissors. Repeat the process with two 20-inch-long yellow ribbons, two 19-inch-long orange ribbons, two 18-inch-long turquoise ribbons and two 17-inch-long yellow ribbons.

4. Cut a 2-foot-long orange ribbon, then double-knot it on both ends of the stick — leaving it loose enough to be hung later.

5. Pick an outer ribbon hanging from the stick and pull at least 2 inches of it through a bell’s top loop. To do this, you’ll need to fold the bottom of the ribbon in half lengthwise, pinching it to get it through the bell loop. (You may need an adult’s help.) Tie the bell in place with a double knot, then tug it to make sure it hangs straight down. Repeat with remaining 10 bells.

6. Once your wind chime is finished, head outside and hang it on a tree branch or a nail on your front door. And listen for the sound of summer.

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