Blowing bubbles is a blast. Too bad they pop. But you can help them make a lasting mark by creating stickers from their bubbly bursts. Be warned: This gets messy: Wear clothes that can get stained, or your parents might burst your bubble-making enthusiasm.

Adult’s help: No

Hands-on time:
2 hours and 15 minutes

Total time: A day and a half

Makes: About 70 stickers


●4 pipe cleaners

● Ruler

● 2 cups distilled water

● Microwave-safe measuring cup

● Large bowl

● ¼ cup light corn syrup

● ⅓ cup light-color dish soap (not ultra-concentrated)

● Wooden spoon

● 4 4-ounce glass jars with latching lids

● Liquid food coloring (red, green, yellow, blue)

● Table knife

● White foam sheet with adhesive back

● Pen

● Scissors


1. Measure 2½ inches of a pipe cleaner. Form that part into a loop, securing it to the longer part of the pipe cleaner (this will be the wand handle) by crossing it under and folding over. Shape loop into a circle. Repeat with remaining three pipe cleaners.

2. Microwave 2 cups of distilled water in a measuring cup for 30 seconds — a cup at a time is okay — then pour into bowl.

3. Add ¼ cup corn syrup and ⅓ cup dish soap. Gently stir with spoon to mix without making bubbles for 30 seconds. Rinse measuring cup in sink.

4. Slowly pour bubble mixture into measuring cup before pouring into jars, filling them ¾ full. Refill measuring cup as needed. (Store extra mix in a container with a lid at room temperature as your personal refill.)

5. Squeeze eight drops of red liquid food coloring into one jar. Gently stir six times with table knife to make the liquid red (avoid making bubbles). Rinse knife and repeat with remaining three colors and jars. Close jars and let sit for 24 hours or more.

6. Head outside. Place the adhesive foam sheet on a table. Dip a pipe cleaner bubble wand into a jar and blow bubbles onto the sheet. (When a bubble lands on the paper, don’t pop it. The longer it lasts, the better the print.) Repeat with another color, using a clean wand for each. Rotate the paper to cover with as many bubble marks as possible. Bring inside and dry flat for five hours.

7. Draw shapes with a pen on parts of the sheet that don’t have bubble prints (leave those alone).

8. Cut out bubble prints and shapes. Snip inside the lines, so pen marks won’t show on the stickers. (The foam you snip away can be made into more shapes.)

9. Peel the back off each sticker and use as you like — in another art project or worn proudly.