Denise Pfeifer poses with her fourth-grade class at Linton Public School in Linton, North Dakota. Several of the kids enjoy playing football and would like to become professional football players. Other would like to be a teacher, a farmer or a lawyer. (Linton Public School)

Denise Pfeifer’s fourth-grade class at Linton Public School in Linton, North Dakota, is the March Class of KidsPost. The nine students at this small school in a town of about 1,300 residents enjoy football, dogs and reading Harry Potter books.

We aim to feature one class in grades two through seven each month of the school year. If you would like your class considered, ask your teacher to download our questionnaire at kidspost2019, have students fill it out and send it, with a class picture, to kidspost@­ Classes chosen receive a KidsPost Chesapeake Bay poster or Journey to Space poster, a KidsPost pencil for each student and a selection of books. Teachers interested in learning more about Kids­Post can sign up for our weekly email newsletter at

Favorite author and favorite book: J.K. Rowling earned four votes to win most popular author. Her Harry Potter series has three students’ favorite books. Tracey West, author of the Dragon Masters series, received two votes.

Favorite singer or musician: Post Malone and Lil Nas X tied for first with two votes each. Other favorites included Imagine Dragons and Lil Dicky.

Favorite game, sport or hobby: Football was the top vote-getter in this category. It earned four votes, edging Fortnite, which received three votes. Basketball and wrestling tied for third.

Person, living or dead, you admire most: Odell Beckham Jr., a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, tied with “Mom” for first place with two votes apiece. One student said Mom earned her vote “because she has good cooking.”

If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go? These kids want a warm getaway. Three would head to Florida, the winning destination. Other hot spots included Hawaii, Bahamas and Arizona.

Favorite birthday food: Savory treats appeal to this bunch. The kids gave steak, ribs and pizza two votes each.

Favorite animal: Dogs, and especially pugs, were the class favorite. Kids explained their picks by saying they were “fluffy” and “helpful.” Most unusual choice: the kiwi, a flightless bird native to New Zealand.

What do you want to be when you grow up? One-third of the class, or three students, aim to be pro football players. Other careers included lawyer, teacher and farmer.

If you were president, what one thing would you do for the country or its people? These kids had a wide range of ideas. Four said they would make college free or half-price. Three would eliminate (illegal) drugs. Two mentioned either helping people who are poor or those who are homeless.