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New Year's is a holiday about looking ahead. You might be wondering what 2018 will bring. Will there be a huge snowstorm? Will your soccer team win the big tournament? Will summer vacation arrive faster than you expected? We can't promise any of those things will happen, but we hope this year is filled with fun. To help you enjoy 2018, we've created our own calendar with holidays you may not have heard about. These holidays might inspire you to appreciate something, try something new or do something silly. At least we hope they help you think positively (see September) about the months, weeks and days to come.

Penguin Awareness Day (January 20): These waddling sea birds are adorable, but what do you know about them? Spend time today searching for fun facts about some of the 17 penguin species and how they survive in some of Earth's coldest places.

Library Lovers Day (February 14): Australia seems to have started this holiday, which is the same date as Valentine's Day. We suggest a hybrid celebration. Check out a library book, and share it with someone you love.

International Goof-Off Day (March 22): With school, sports, piano lessons and homework, the typical weekday can be exhausting. Ask your parents if you can take a break from the routine today. Explore a nearby creek. Play a card game. Whatever you do, make it fun and relaxing.

National Pet Parents Day (April 29): Spend extra time with Fluffy or Scout today because they have undoubtedly planned to celebrate their amazing human parents. Your pup will show you how well he behaves on an extra-long walk. Your cat has been working on her string-chasing skills. Expect more purring and sloppy dog kisses, too.

Free Comic Book Day (May 5): Comic book shops will give away books to encourage kids (or adults) to discover new titles. A store owner came up with the idea in 2001, and it has been going ever since. Find a shop near you at freecomicbookday.com.

World Juggling Day (June 16): The International Jugglers' Association has been celebrating this cool skill for 71 years. Grab a few tennis balls and get in on the act.

World Emoji Day (July 17): Can you communicate with only emoji? Give it a try today. Also, see if you can figure out why this day was chosen to celebrate emoji.

National Lighthouse Day (August 7): Technology has mostly taken over the jobs of these fascinating buildings, but they still shine a light on the history of navigating oceans and lakes. Take a trip to one of the many U.S. lighthouses still operating.

Positive Thinking Day (September 13): A positive attitude goes a long way toward success, be it in the school year, sports season or another area. Today, only good thoughts.

National Black Cat Day (October 27): Ignore the silly superstition and give some extra love to these sleek creatures if one crosses your path today.

Use Less Stuff Day (November 15): More isn't necessarily better. So think about going for less today. Put your lunch in reusable containers. Take a shorter shower. Write on both sides of a piece of paper. Get friends and family involved.

Chocolate Covered Anything Day (December 16): Some people like to dip unusual things in chocolate: edamame, soybeans, even crickets. If you're one of those people, eat up today! But please don't bug your friends to take a bite.