If you’re curious about space, Friday the 13th will be your lucky day.

That’s because Friday, July 13, is Mars Day at the National Air and Space Museum on the Mall. Curiosity is the theme for the day of family-friendly space adventures, because on August 6 the rover named Curiosity is set to land at the Red Planet’s Gale Crater.

Among the cool things to do:

●Check out Mars-themed art and storytimes

●See a Martian meteorite

●Maneuver small robots

●Catch a planetarium show that highlights Mars as seen from Earth and from orbit

●Test your knowledge at the Red Planet Quiz Show.

Mars Day is held each year to celebrate the July 1976 landing of Viking 1, the first spacecraft to operate on Mars.

If you go

What: Mars Day!

When: July 13 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: National Air and Space Museum, Sixth Street and Independence Avenue SW.

How much: Free!

For more information: airandspace.si.edu/marsday