This Alaskan igloo was built decades ago but never finished. Would you want to buy it? (Brad Fisher/AP)

The embodiment of an Alaska cliche is for sale.

The massive urethane igloo that’s a must-stop for summer tourists heading for Denali National Park and Preserve can be bought for $300,000.

The 80-foot-tall structure was built more than four decades ago but never completed. (The price includes the igloo’s 38-acre site.)

Property owner Brad Fisher sees great possibilities for the picturesque location in Alaska’s interior. The site is prime country for snowmobiling in winter and hiking in summer.

Fisher, 55, envisions the igloo as an eye-catching seasonal restaurant and hotel. But creating such a business could run a new owner several million dollars.

For one thing, there is no electricity in the area. Fisher suggests using solar panels and windmills.

“If you had the money to get it going, I have no doubt that you could make money there just because of where it is,” he said. “I mean, everybody stops and looks at it.”

— Associated Press