Even as a little kid, Christopher Paolini loved to write at his home in Montana. (From Random House Children’s Books)

Family: Mom, dad and a sister, who is the inspiration for Angela, the herbalist in the series

Birthday: November 17, 1983

The author answers random questions from KidsPost.

Best birthday present: “Some of my fans once had a replica of Eragon’s sword made for me. . . . That was very touching.”

Favorite pizza topping: “Anchovies.”

Best subject in school: “I loved geometry, but my favorite was science of any kind, followed by literature.”

Favorite ice cream flavor: “Coffee. I will walk over hot coals for coffee ice cream.”

Favorite books when you were a kid: “ ‘The Hobbit’ and European folk tales. Also the Ramona books.”

Do you play video games? “More than I should!”

What’s on your iPod: “Lots of college courses, lots of movie soundtracks. And some very bad ’80s synth music that my sister makes fun of.”