Melissa Marrone’s fifth-grade class at West Springfield Elementary School in Springfield, Virginia, is the Class of KidsPost for February 2014. (Karen Lathrop)

Melissa Marrone’s fifth-grade class at West Springfield Elementary in Springfield is February’s Class of KidsPost. What stands out for this bunch of 30 students? A lot of them like playing and watching sports.

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Favorite author: Jeff Kinney, whose “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck” came out in November, was the easy winner in this category. Other choices were Erin Hunter of “Warriors” fame, sportswriter Mike Lupica, J.K. Rowling and Kenneth Oppel.

Favorite field trip: The class’s fourth-grade field trip to Jamestown, Virginia, won by a landslide — half of the kids voted for it. Yay, Colonial history!

Favorite TV show: The cartoon “SpongeBob SquarePants” on Nickelodeon narrowly beat “Good Luck Charlie” and ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie” as these kids’ favorite show. There was a long list of other shows, including “Full House,” “Fetch With Ruff-Ruffman” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

Favorite game: The classic game Monopoly received the most votes. “Mario Cart” came in second. Basketball netted a third-place finish.

Favorite Web site: YouTube was the most popular site. Tied for second place were Club Penguin, ESPN, Google and

Favorite food to have on your birthday: Pizza edged out a long list of favorites. Some of the more unusual were spare ribs, broccoli cheddar soup and frog legs, a dish served in France and several Asian countries.

Favorite professional sport or youth sport: The kids liked playing basketball the best, but their favorite sport to watch was football.

Favorite club or hobby: Sports won out, with nearly half of the students picking one or all sports. Other hobbies included painting or drawing, building with Legos and sewing.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Baseball player was the top vote-getter. (All told, nearly one-third of the class hoped to be professional athletes.) Doctor came in second, and teacher was third. Astronaut, chef, inventor, fashion designer and artist also received votes. The funny-but-also-smart answer? “Happy.”

Biggest problem in the world and what can kids do to solve it?

Pollution was the top concern for these fifth-graders. Their solutions included: “Pick up litter when you see it,” “start recycling” and “kids can tell people about recycling.” Other students mentioned world hunger as the biggest problem. They urged fellow kids to “donate food to people who are starving.”