Age: 58

Family: Her mother is still alive, and her younger brother is a doctor; she has no children.

Favorite pizza topping: Pepperoni.

Favorite sport: Baseball. She was at “that horrible last game” in which the Nationals were eliminated from the playoffs. “I’m a big Yankees fan, but the Yankees are in the American League and the Nationals are in the National League, and so unless the Yankees and the Nationals are playing, I support the Nationals!”

Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla with chocolate sauce.

Best subject in school: Social studies.

Worst subject in school. “I was horrible in geography. It took me years to memorize the 50 states and their capitals. Today, I still make mistakes.”

Best birthday present: A microscope she received in sixth or seventh grade.

Favorite book as a child: “Nancy Drew. I can’t say it was one particular book. It was the whole series. I read them all.”

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