As the United States Open tennis tournament gets ready to begin next week, one burning question for tennis fans is: Who is the greatest male player of all time?

Usually, the answer to that question is easy. Just add up how many of the “major” championships a player has won. The four major championships are Wimbledon and the Australian, French and U.S. Opens. They are the tournaments that are the toughest to win because all the best players compete. The player with the most major titles should be the best.

Right now, however, three male players — Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic — have each won 20 major titles.

Djokovic may pull ahead of the group if he wins the U.S. Open (Federer and Nadal are sidelined with injuries). He would also become only the third man to win all four majors during a calendar year, known as a Grand Slam.

But right now, who is the best? In any argument, you can’t just say who you think is the best. You have to have reasons for your opinion. So we will have to dig a little deeper to come up with an answer.

The major tennis tournaments are not the only titles a player can win. How many total titles (try saying that 10 times fast) has each of the players won over the years? Here is the answer:

Federer: 103

Nadal: 88

Djokovic: 85

Advantage: Federer.

Maybe we should also look at how many times each player has come close to winning a major title but lost in the final match. After all, you have to be really good to make it to the finals. Here is how many times each player has lost in one of the four major tournament finals.

Federer: 11

Nadal: 8

Djokovic: 10

Advantage: Federer.

Now let’s look at how many weeks each player has been rated the No. 1 player in the world. That statistic would show how consistently the player has dominated the game.

Federer: 310

Nadal: 209

Djokovic: 335

Advantage: Djokovic.

Finally, how does each player do when they play each other? I don’t think you can say you’re the best if you lose more often to some other top player.

It’s close, but the advantage here goes to Djokovic. His record against Federer is 27-23 (27 wins, 23 losses). Djokovic also has a winning record in one-on-one matches against Nadal, 30-28. Nadal has beaten Federer 24 times in the 40 matches they have played.

Federer, Nadal and Djokovic are all great players. But if I had to pick one Greatest of All Time (GOAT), I would pick Djokovic. Let’s see if he proves me right by winning the 2021 U.S. Open.