Swimmer Michael Phelps has won more Olympic medals than anyone. (AL BELLO/GETTY IMAGES)

Michael Phelps, a swimmer who has won more Olympic medals than anyone in history, has not competed since the 2012 Summer Games in London. But his coach announced this week that the swimmer is going to start competing again.

He’s getting back into the pool because it is fun — and he might try to swim in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro (pronounced Juh-nair-oh), Brazil. It would be the fifth Olympics for Phelps, who is 28.

Phelps, who is from Baltimore, has won 22 Olympic medals, including 18 gold. He holds the record for the most gold medals in a single Olympics, winning eight at the 2008 Beijing Games.

He will compete in three events in Arizona at the end of this month: the 50- and 100-meter freestyle races and the 100-meter butterfly.

“I think he’s just really enjoying it,” said Bob Bowman, Phelps’s longtime coach. “He enjoys the training and being physically fit. He just kind of wants to see where he’s at. It’s more really for fun. It’s been nice for me to see him swim just for the joy of it, really.”

— Associated Press