Jeremy Wuitschick sprang to action when the driver of his school bus suddenly got sick. (STILL IMAGE FROM ASSOCIATED PRESS VIDEO)

It’s illegal for a 13-year-old to drive a bus, but nobody is saying that seventh-grader Jeremy Wuitschick should be punished for what he did Monday.

Jeremy and about a dozen other Surprise Lake Middle School students in Milton, Washington, were on a bus headed to school when the driver got sick.

Jeremy noticed that the driver had slumped at the wheel, and he rushed from the back of the bus. Other students were yelling, “Call 911!” and “Take the keys out of the ignition!”

That’s just what Jeremy did, removing the keys and turning the steering wheel to pull the bus over. “I turned to the right,” Jeremy said afterward. “Turned to the side of the road. Took the keys out of the ignition. We started slowing down.”

Jeremy and another student tried to help the driver until an ambulance arrived. The driver is in the hospital.

Police Chief Bill Rhoads had nothing but praise for Jeremy.

“We’re just happy the kid was thinking on his feet,” he said.