The finished product: chalkboard flowerpots. (Deb Lindsey/For The Washington Post)

It’s hard for moms to resist two things: flowers and handmade gifts from their kids. For Mom’s big day, which is Sunday, we have combined the two for a craft project that’s sure to please — chalkboard flowerpots.

Chalkboard paint, which is available at most craft stores and paint stores, provides space for a message or a label.

The rim of the pot is where your creativity comes in. We tried geometric patterns and dots, but you can opt for hearts or squiggles or a simple band of color with a ribbon tied on. When you’re done decorating, add a flowering plant, such as a petunia or a New Guinea impatiens, or an herb. Have Mom put it on the deck or a sunny windowsill so she can enjoy it for several months.

For ideas about what to do with leftover chalkboard paint, visit and click on “Painting Ideas.” Always ask a parent before going online.

— Christina Barron


●Cleaning cloth●

●Unglazed (not shiny) terra-cotta flowerpot, 4 or 6 inches


●Painter’s tape

●Black chalkboard paint, brush-on or spray paint


●Acrylic paint
in various colors

●Small flowering plant or herb

●Potting soil

●Chalk (light colors are best)


1. Wipe terra-cotta pots with slightly damp cloth. Dry completely.

2. Cover your work space with newspapers.

3. Wrap painter’s tape around top portion of pot.

4. Brush chalkboard paint onto bottom portion of pot, covering completely.

(If you are using spray paint, have an adult help you with this part of the project.)

5. Let dry for 24 to 36 hours. (Brush-on paint requires 36 hours to set.)

6. Carefully peel off painter’s tape.

7. Wrap new piece of painter’s tape just under rim of pot, on top of dried chalkboard paint.

8. Paint rim in design of your choice.

9. Let paint dry for 3 hours.

10. Remove painter’s tape.

11. Rub white chalk over entire lower part of pot. Wipe clean with damp cloth. (Do not use a chalkboard eraser.)

12. Fill pot one-third full with potting soil.

13. Remove plant from its plastic container.

14. Lower plant into pot.

15. Fill in sides of pot with potting soil. Press down gently on soil.

16. Write your Mother’s Day greeting on lower part of pot.