This is the season for scary stories. And weird stories. And even funny stories. Halloween inspires an odd assortment of books, which means there’s something for everyone. So when you’re done trick-or-treating, keep celebrating the season with these spine-tingling tales.

It’s Halloween,
I’m Turning Green

by Dan Gutman.
Ages 6 to 9. 144 pages.

A.J. and the other characters from Dan Gutman’s “Weird School” series can’t wait to hit the streets for trick-or-treating. But with this bunch, a typical Halloween isn’t possible. It has to be a weird Halloween, with a strange dream, a candy-stealing monster and a machine that makes anything — including candy — really big. The story is fiction, but Gutman includes real Halloween facts in the back of the book, along with games and puzzles.

The Mysterious Woods
of Whistle Root

by Christopher Pennell.
Ages 8 to 12. 215 pages.

Carly Bean Bitters is lonely. The 11-year-old orphan can’t sleep at night, so she sits alone till the sun rises reading and sipping tea. She barely sees the elderly aunt who looks after her. She has no friends. One night, a talking rat named Lewis, who appears on her windowsill, changes Carly’s life. Lewis helps her discover the magical woods that includes musical rats, frightening owls and the unusual whistle root trees. But something is not right in the woods. Carly and her classmate, a boy named Green, must discover why.

When Did You See Her Last?

by Lemony Snicket.

Ages 9 to 12. 288 pages.

Teenage sleuth apprentice Lemony Snicket returns in the second of the “All the Wrong Questions” series. Snicket and his odd chaperone, S. Theodora Markson, are on the case of a missing girl. Theodora is ready to close the case after a witness says the girl ran away, but Lemony isn’t sure. He knows that the trick is to ask the right question, which he admits from the start he doesn’t do. But thankfully he keeps asking as the plot twists and the adults in the story stand little chance of finding the girl.

Desmond Pucket
Makes Monster Magic

by Mark Tatulli.
Ages 7 to 12. 240 pages.

Desmond Pucket loves scary stuff. The sixth-grader also likes to play pranks in school. After one prank too many, Desmond has to “control his inner monster.” When the practical jokes continue at school, fingers point to Desmond. He has to figure out who the real prankster is, or he will be banned from a class trip to the amusement park. The book is full of Desmond’s drawings and includes tips on making your own monster magic.