Bozie, a female Asian elephant at a Louisiana zoo, will join the National Zoo’s small herd next month. (C.C. Lockwood)

The three Asian elephants at the National Zoo will have a new roommate this summer.

Bozie, a female Asian elephant at the zoo in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will soon join the herd, zoo officials announced last week.

“We’re really excited,” said Brandie Smith, curator of mammals at the National Zoo. “Bozie is a wonderful elephant with a wonderful personality.”

Bozie, who’s 37 years old, will join Ambika, 65, and Shanthi, 38 — both females — and Shanthi’s son, Kandula, 11.

Bozie has been the only elephant at the Baton Rouge Zoo for about a month. Her companion, Judy, died in March.

Smith said Bozie’s arrival is good for both zoos.

“The best thing for an elephant is another elephant,” she said. “Elephants are a social species.”

Bozie also could help add to the herd in the future. “She’s still at the age that she could potentially have babies,” Smith said.

Bozie’s arrival date is not set, but she is expected to be on view this summer, zoo officials said.

Christina Barron