The proposed New York Wheel would be 70 feet taller than the Washington Monument. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

New York, America’s biggest city, may someday have the world’s biggest Ferris wheel: a 625-foot-tall giant that could take 1,440 people for a ride at one time.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced last week that the New York Wheel, as it’s being called, will be part of a shopping mall and hotel to be built in the part of the city known as Staten Island.

If the wheel is built as planned, it would dwarf the famous London Eye Ferris wheel in England, which is 443 feet high. It would also stand 84 feet higher than the Singapore Flyer, currently the world’s tallest Ferris wheel.

“The New York Wheel will be an attraction unlike any other in New York City — even unlike any other on the planet,” Bloomberg said.

But don’t start planning your ride just yet. There’s no telling when the wheel might take its first spin; the announcement did not include a start date for the project.

This artist’s version of the planned Ferris wheel shows the New York City skyline in the background. (ASSOCAITED PRESS)