Caroline Goldstrom’s fifth-graders at Silverbrook Elementary School in Fairfax Station, Virginia, are the November Class of Kids­Post. These 24 students like Rick Riordan, soccer and cheesy food.

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Favorite author and favorite book: Classes of KidsPost usually have a tough time agreeing on a favorite author. But not this group. Rick Riordan earned seven votes, nearly one-third of the class. His Percy Jackson series received six votes, the clear favorite among books. Lauren Tarshis and her I Survived series and J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter were a distant second place with two votes apiece.

Favorite singer or musician: There was no real winner in this category because five students said they had no favorite. The two musicians who received more than one vote were Olivia Rodrigo and Imagine Dragons, each receiving two votes.

Favorite sport (to play) or hobby: Soccer edged baseball, seven votes to five, to earn the top-sport title. Close behind was swimming with four votes.

Place you would you love to visit but haven’t: The Aloha State would be the first stop on a round-the-world class trip. Five kids said they would love to visit Hawaii. Three want to travel to Paris, France, and two to Japan. Other destinations: Greece, Africa, Mexico and Korea.

Food you could eat every day of your life: The cheese stands alone. Or Mac and cheese does. Seven students could eat the creamy concoction every day. Pizza (more cheese!) was in second place with three votes. And in third with two votes each: chicken nuggets and . . . grilled cheese.

Favorite animal: Dogs dominated with five votes, but the rest of the class named a variety of mostly wild animals. Peacocks, monkeys and cats each received two votes. Other choices: rhinos, sloths, cheetahs and elephants.

Job or profession when you grow up: Three students aim to be an artist, the top pick. Doctor and lawyer received two votes each. The most unusual career named: cave explorer.

World problem you would solve: Ending the coronavirus pandemic was the Number 1 problem this class would solve. Six students named it as their top priority. World hunger was the second-most-named problem, with four mentions. Among the other problems these students want to solve: Afghanistan’s issues, homelessness and global warming.

Person, living or dead, you admire most: Dad was at the top of the most-admired list. He received three votes by himself and a half of two Mom-and-Dad votes. (The math was tricky!) Mom was in second place with 2½ votes. And in third place, a fitting choice: former Washington Nationals shortstop Trea Turner, sometimes known as “Triple Trea.”

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