Was the zoo’s new octopus tired on Saturday? The octopus was supposed to pick his or her name. (Zookeepers don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl.) But when Alan Peters, one of the keepers, released four clear hamster balls into the octopus tank, each one with a name in it, the octopus didn’t seem very interested. (To see the video, click here.)

For a second, it looked as if he/she was going to choose Mirage, but then the octopus retreated to the corner and after almost an hour of Peters encouraging the octopus with food and splashing, the animal was still unnamed! Finally, a blind-folded zoo keeper picked the name that Trinity Kimberly, 10, from Sterling entered: Pandora.

More than 300 kids entered the octopus naming contest. The other finalists were Cashen Bohlander, 12, from Olney and Siddharth Taneja, 11, from North Potomac with “Inkling”; Michael Riedford, 14, from Laytonville and Joseph Hooke, 11, from Rockville with “Odysseus”; and Ryan Doninger, 5, and sister Erin, 9, from Bristow with “Mirage.”