Girl Scout Katie Francis goes door to door in all types of weather to sell her cookies. (Doug Hoke/AP)

A nearly 30-year-old record for Girl Scout cookie sales has been crumbled by Oklahoma City scout Katie Francis, who so far has sold 18,107 boxes by asking anyone who crossed her path to buy some of the sweets.

“There’s three ingredients to selling cookies: There’s lots of time, lots of commitment, and I have to ask everybody that I see,” the 11-year-old said in an interview with the NewsOK Web site.

It took the sixth-grade student just seven weeks to top the previous record of 18,000 boxes in annual sales, which was set in the mid-1980s by Elizabeth Brinton, a Girl Scout from Northern Virginia.

Katie aims to sell at least 20,000 boxes by the end of March. She said she will break into song and dance if it will help sales.

“For the last two years, I beat the state record and it just seemed like the national record was next on the list,” she told a local television station. Her troop receives a share of the proceeds from the fundraiser, and it intends to donate money to breast cancer research.

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