Austin Perine, 5, attends a fundraising event in Gaithersburg, Maryland, last February. Austin began raising awareness of homeless people in his hometown, Birmingham, Alabama. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

We challenged readers in December to figure out answers to our annual news quiz. Judging by the responses, the quiz was a tricky one. We stumped some readers on the breed of a “Superpower Dog.” Others were unsure about moon mementos or instruments Louis Braille taught himself to play.

Some readers correctly answered all 10 questions (see answers at right), and their 100 percent score put their name into a raffle for a prize package. Julian Stinson, 8, of Washington is our winner. He will receive books, art supplies and a KidsPost T-shirt. Congratulations, Julian!

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1. Louis Braille is best known for inventing a system of reading and writing for people who are blind. As a child, which instruments did he teach himself to play?

C. Cello and piano

2. Kid activist Austin Perine started a campaign to help the homeless in his hometown. Which city is it?

D. Birmingham, Alabama

3. The Carnival celebration in Binche, Belgium, involves throwing which item?

B. Oranges

4. Which United States president decided to put an eagle and a pyramid on the back of the dollar bill?

A. Franklin Roosevelt

5. Astronauts left mementos on the moon in the 1960s and 1970s. What things that they left would probably be found there today?

D. Footprints

6. What breed of dog is Halo, a search-and-rescue dog featured in the movie “Superpower Dogs?”

B. Dutch shepherd

7. Where did President Calvin Coolidge’s family take a vacation? (Editor’s note: The original question incorrectly said “have a vacation home.” The answer does not change.)

C. Black Hills, South Dakota

8. Which one of these statements about the kakapo, an endangered bird, is NOT true?

B. Females generally lay eight to 10 eggs.

9. A person’s skeleton can keep growing until which birthday?

C. 25th

10. Which book was a KidsPost pick for best nonfiction books of 2019?

B.1919: The Year That Changed America