A peacock on the loose after it escaped from the Central Park Zoo stands on a window ledge above Fifth Avenue in New York. (Frank Franklin II/AP)

The peacock that had been missing from the Central Park Zoo in New York is back home, safe and sound.

But not before the colorful creature created a stir in the city.

On Tuesday, the bird perched on a window ledge of a condominium building on fancy Fifth Avenue while people took pictures with their cellphones.

The zoo didn’t seem worried about the bird’s ad­ven­ture.

“Home is a short flight across the avenue, and we think our peacock will make his way across soon,” the zoo’s director, Jeff Sailer, said Tuesday night.

That’s just what happened Wednesday morning, when the 2-year-old bird flew off its perch and back to the zoo.

The animals at New York zoos apparently like to get out in the big city. In March, an Egyptian cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo’s reptile house before being found a week later. Then in May, a peahen (a female peacock) flew the coop at the Bronx Zoo and was found at a garage that kept birds as pets.