Emma Hourigan, left, and Yrsa Erickson, both of Rockville, show off their ”Olympeeps” diorama, starring a parachuting Queen Elizabeth II, which won the 2013 KidsPost Peeps Contest. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

What’s made of marshmallow and first appeared in the shape of a chick? A Peep, of course!

As readers of The Washington Post know, Peeps aren’t just gooey treats, they’re also a source of artistic inspiration. And now is the time to start thinking of an amazing idea for The Post’s eighth annual Peeps Diorama Contest.

Here are a few guidelines:

●Pick a famous event or scene as a theme. Need inspiration? Last year’s kids’ entries can be seen here: wapo.st/1fsa3I0.

●Make the main characters out of Peeps, which now come in many colors and shapes. You can bend them, dress them or decorate them in any way you choose.

●Create a diorama out of a shoe box or a similar item of a reasonable size (not bigger than three feet wide by two feet deep by two feet tall). If you don’t know how to make a diorama, ask a parent if you can Google “how to make a diorama.”

●Give your diorama a title.

●Take photos of your diorama. You will need to upload one or two of the photos to washingtonpost.com/peeps.

●Have an adult (a parent, teacher or guardian) send your name, age and home town and the names and ages of anyone who helped. The adult’s phone number and e-mail address also must be included.

On Sunday, April 20, photos of the contest finalists and winner will be published in The Washington Post Magazine. On that day, KidsPost will publish a selection of the best kids’ dioramas, one of which will win a KidsPost prize package.

Submit your entry by March 17.

To find the complete rules for the contest or to send questions, a parent can go to washingtonpost.com/peeps.