Lunchtime? James Bright, 6, needn’t worry; as any kid knows, an apatosaurus is a vegetarian. This 13-foot-tall model of the extinct dinosaur was recently installed at Zoomars Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano, California. (Paul Bersebach/AP)

One California town wants to make dinosaurs extinct — again.

A 13-foot-tall statue of a giant apatosaurus (pronounced Ap-at-o-sore-us) was added to the playground area at the Zoomars Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano, California. The petting zoo’s owner paid $12,000 for the statue in the hope that it would get kids interested in history.

The dinosaur helps kids understand “history 200 million years ago, and how cool is that?” said owner Carolyn Franks.

But some residents of the historic town aren’t thrilled about seeing an enormous long-necked dinosaur from their front lawns.

People visiting the petting zoo aren’t sure why there is an argument about the dino. “The kids love it. I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with it,” said one mother, Pooneh Bassirpou.

City officials say that the statue was brought in without necessary permission but that they haven’t decided what to do about it.

Franks hopes it can stay, because she thinks history shouldn’t be limited to the 1700s or 1800s.