Robert Griffin III (10) celebrated a touchdown with Darrel Young (36) before an injury forced the quarterback out of Sunday’s playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. (Jonathan Newton/THE WASHINGTON POST)

The Redskins’ season ended Sunday when they lost to the Seattle Seahawks, 24-14.

Redskins fans were disappointed because they had allowed themselves to dream that their team might make it to the Super Bowl. Especially during the Redskins’ exciting seven-game winning streak.

In professional sports, most seasons end with a disappointing loss. After all, only one team can win the Super Bowl or the World Series or the Stanley Cup.

It’s the same with kids’ sports. Lots of kids start their soccer or basketball season with high hopes of an undefeated season. And just before they drift off to sleep, they dream of scoring the winning goal or basket.

Most seasons don’t work out that way. So anyone who plays sports, whether a pro or a kid, should develop the habit of looking back honestly at the end of the season to figure out what went well and what needs improvement.

Running back Alfred Morris and Griffin accounted for almost 92 percent of the Redskins’ total offense for the season. For next year, other aspects of the team need to improve. (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

When the Redskins look back at their 2012 season, they will see lots of good things.

They found a terrific quarterback and leader in Robert Griffin III. They also found a hard-charging running back, Alfred Morris. How important were those two rookies to the Redskins’ success? Griffin’s passing and running combined with Morris’s rushing yards accounted for almost 92 percent of the Redskins’ total offense.

Washington’s offensive line stayed healthy and improved. Even the defense, which was so bad in the beginning of the season, played better. The defense should improve further when linebacker Brian Orakpo, lineman Adam Carriker and safety Brandon Meriweather return from the injuries that cut their 2012 seasons short.

Still, there is lots of room for improvement. Even the best teams can get better. The Redskins — and that includes the coaches — have to protect Griffin better. RGIII missed one game and was knocked out of two more. He ended the season with a serious knee injury. If this keeps up, Griffin may have a short career.

The team also needs to draft or sign some better defensive backs and wide receivers.

Oh, and the Redskins need to do one more thing: Buy some grass seed! I’ve seen kids’ soccer fields that look a whole lot better than the turf on FedEx Field during the Seahawks game.

A team can’t win the championship every season. But any season in which you can honestly say you improved is a good one.

So the Redskins had a good season.

Fred Bowen writes the sports opinion column for KidsPost. He is the author of 18 sports books for kids, including “Touchdown Trouble” and “Quarterback Season.”