Sarah Outen’s old boat, “Gulliver,” was damaged last year by a tropical storm. She has a new boat this year, named “Happy Socks.” (Toru Yamanaka/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images)

A British adventurer is making her second attempt at becoming the only woman to row solo across the North Pacific Ocean.

Sarah Outen, 28, was about 63 ocean miles southwest of Adak in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands on Thursday, according to her Web site. In the past two weeks, she has averaged about 18 miles a day, her travel log shows.

She left Japan on April 27 and has been at sea for more than four months. It’s part of her plan for a global trek by ocean rowing shell, kayak and bike. She is raising money for four charities along the way.

Outen’s first attempt ended in 2012, when she and another ocean rower had to be rescued near Japan after their boats were badly damaged in a tropical storm.

Outen returned to Japan in April
after raising money for a new boat and training all winter. The new boat, named Happy Socks, has a cabin for sleeping, solar panels and a device that turns saltwater into drinkable water.

So far, she’s covered 1,960 ocean miles, according to Global Positioning System data.

She plans to visit Adak, fly home to England and train all winter before returning next spring to her landing spot in the Aleutians.

— Associated Press and staffreports