When world-class Scrabble players compete, even one tile can make a difference. (KACPER PEMPEL/REUTERS)

Two competitors at the World Scrabble Championship were asked to empty their pockets when a letter “G’’ went missin.

An official said Tuesday that the disappearance of a “G’’ tile occurred durin the event, which was held in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, from Oct. 12 to 16.

Brian Dede, the event coordinator, said a referee had to intervene when players Edward Martin, 35, from Britain, and Chollapat Itthi-Aree, 25, from Thailand, noticed a tile was missin durin the last draw of their match. Itthi-Aree accused Martin of stealin the tile.

Dede conducted a search of the top of the table as well as underneath it. Both players “were asked to show the contents of their pockets,” he said.

The missin letter was nowhere to be found, so the referee added another “G’’ tile to create a complete set.

Martin won the ame by a sinle point. But the tournament was ultimately won by a player from New Zealand.