KidsPost reader Rosa Kirk-Davidoff asked Senator Casey what role kids should have in their schools. (Dayna Smith/For The Washington Post)

When The Washington Post decided to have an important meeting about ways to improve the lives of children and families, it invited Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey and KidsPost reader Rosa Kirk-Davidoff.

Rosa, a 13-year-old eighth-grader at Oakland Mills Middle School in Howard County, regularly enters our contests and offers opinions on issues, including girls going to school in Afghanistan and if we should continue making pennies.

Rosa Kirk-Davidoff, an avid KidsPost reader, attended the Children & Families Summit where she was able to ask a question of, and later meet, Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania. (Dayna Smith/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

On Tuesday, Rosa, who is vice president of her school’s student government, asked Senator Casey how much of a role kids should have in how their schools operate. Casey drew laughs by inviting Rosa to run for public office before telling her that kids can have a role in local and national government. “There are more ways for students to reach public officials through technology,” he said.

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