Murphy Malloy of Bethesda sent this drawing to KidsPost last fall for weather art. Looks like she had the right idea!

The start of school makes you think of fall even if it’s still warm enough to wear shorts. So while you’re thinking about fall, how about getting out colored pencils, markers or crayons and drawing weather art for our daily forecast?

So what does fall weather look like? It could be sunny, windy or rainy. It could mean colorful leaves, soccer games or apple-picking. Whatever you think of, put it on paper and send it. (Bright colors usually work best.)

To consider your drawing, we need your full name, age (5 to 13) and home town written on the back of your artwork. We also need a note from an adult (parent, guardian or teacher) giving permission for your drawing to be used.

Illustrations should be sent to Kids­Post Weather Art, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. You also can have an adult fill out our form at and upload your scanned artwork.

Check back Monday through Thursday to see if your artwork is a match for that day’s weather forecast. We’ll also post drawings on