Evelyn Martinez of Washington has the right idea: Bright blue sky, shining sun and green, green grass. (Family photo)

Are we at KidsPost the only ones who think spring has flown by? We were just getting used to wearing lightweight jackets when it turned to shorts-and-T-shirt season. It also seems as though we just asked readers for spring weather art.

You probably already guessed that we need new artwork to dress up our daily forecast.

That’s where you come in. Think about what summer means to you. Is it sunny? Stormy? What about humid? (You know we’ll get some of those days before fall arrives.) Summer might mean the beach or the pool or long walks with your dog. Whatever comes to mind, put it on paper and send it to us. (Remember that bright colors usually work best.)

For us to consider your drawing, we need your full name, age (5 to 13) and home town written on the back of your artwork. We also need a note from an adult (parent, guardian or teacher) giving permission for your drawing to be used.

Illustrations should be sent to Kids­Post Weather Art, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. You can also have an adult fill out our form at kidspost.com and upload your scanned artwork.

Check back Monday through Thursday to see if your artwork is a perfect match for that day’s weather forecast. We’ll also post some drawings on kidspost.com in our online gallery of weather art.