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Aussie friends help spread love this Valentine’s Day

Our cutout cards featuring three animals that need your help.

(The Washington Post/iStock/Photo by Photo by Zoos Victoria)

Valentine’s Day is Friday, and we’re sure some of you have cards made for family and friends. But for those who haven’t had time, KidsPost has come to the rescue. And rescue is the key word, because this year we’re highlighting animals that need the world’s help to survive.

Zoos Victoria, a zoo-based conservation organization in Australia, shared photos of some of the threatened native species officials are working to protect. The colorful orange-bellied parrot, for example, could disappear in as little as three years because there aren’t enough females. Disease is threatening Tasmanian devils, the largest meat-eating marsupial in the world. And Australia’s recent bush fires have burned the habitats of koalas, one of the most famous animals found only Down Under.

Click here to print out our animal Valentine’s cards

So we hope you print out these cute critters and give to family and friends. Also, encourage them to learn more about Australia’s wildlife and support organizations such as including Zoos Victoria (, Australian Wildlife Conservancy ( and the Nature Conservancy (

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