"The Survivor Tree" is about a tree that survived the collapse of the Twin Towers and was replanted there.

The Survivor Tree” by Cheryl Somers Aubin; illustrated by Sheila Harrington. Age 6 and older.

Tuesday is a sad anniversary in the history of the United States. On September 11, 2001, almost 3,000 people were killed when terrorists crashed planes in New York City, in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon.

If you’re a KidsPost reader, you may not have been born on that sad day. You almost certainly don’t remember it.

It can be hard to think of anything good coming from such a tragic and cruel day, but a local author and illustrator have created a book based on a true — and very hopeful — part of those events.

Two buildings in New York City, called the Twin Towers or the World Trade Center, collapsed as a result of the attack on September 11. Weeks after the attack, workers who were digging through the rubble discovered what was left of a pear tree that had been planted on the spot more than 20 years earlier. Much of the tree had been sheared off; its trunk was badly scarred. But a few green leaves remained, and that gave the workers hope.

The Survivor Tree” and its beautiful illustrations follow the story of the pear tree being nursed back to health and ultimately returned to its former home.

While the events of September 11 also bring sadness, this story reminds us never to give up hope.

— Tracy Grant