(Emily Key, 7, Burke)

It’s spring! The temperature this week is expected to be in the 60s and may even hit 70 degrees. Hopefully, this warm spell isn’t Mother Nature playing an April Fools’ joke on us. So that means all the terrific weather art that you sent for cold, blustery, snowy days isn’t going to appear in our weather forecast anytime soon.

So what to do? Draw scenes from spring, of course! Think of the options: flowers blooming, sun shining, breezes blowing, birds chirping, rain falling and anything else that reminds you of spring. Remember that bright colors tend to show up best.

For us to consider your drawing, we need your full name, age (ages 5 to 13) and home town written on the back of your artwork. We also need a note from an adult (parent, guardian or teacher) giving permission for your drawing to be used.

Illustrations should be sent to Kids­Post Weather Art, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. You can also e-mail your scanned art to kidspost@washpost.com.

Check back Monday through Thursday to see if your artwork is a perfect match for that day’s weather forecast. We’ll also post some drawings on kidspost.com in our online weather art gallery.