Spring has sprung, and that means we at KidsPost need your help illustrating our weather forecast. Filed away are drawings of snow and ice. What we need is artwork that shows whatever spring means to you. It could be flowers or budding trees or you sitting in your backyard.

Remember, spring isn’t always sunny. We also need cloudy, windy and rainy art. (You can send more than one spring scene if you want.) Add family, friends or pets, if you like.

Bright colors work best for the drawings. Use whatever art supplies you have, but try to avoid leaving a lot of white space.

Have a parent, guardian or teacher fill out the form at wapo.st/kidspostweatherart and upload your artwork. (Our form has had problems recently, so it’s also okay to email it to kidspost@washpost.com with your name, age and hometown.) We feature weather art Monday through Thursday in the print edition of KidsPost and in our gallery at kidspost.com. Check back to see if we include yours.