“The Book of New Family Traditions” by Meg Cox offers ideas about rituals you could start in your home. One possibility is to make Dad a Father’s Day Survival Kit and add to it every year. (Running Press)

The Book of New Family Traditions

By Meg Cox

All ages. $16.

Many families have rituals, or things they do often, maybe every day. Family dinners might involve a blessing. Friday might be pizza night. Summer vacation might be spent at the same beach town year after year.

Your parents probably started some of your family rituals, but why not add one of your own?
The Book of New Family Traditions” is a great source of ideas. Want to create a vacation tradition? Try having family members work together to make a super sand castle at the beach. Looking for a holiday idea? Make a Father’s Day survival kit with sentimental and silly things, including a heart (“to remind you that I love you”) and marbles (“to replace the ones you will lose”). There are also ideas that can occur to you anytime: Create a family blog or spend one day each month on a service project.

In this season of celebrating moms and dads, you might like the book’s unusual idea: a Son’s Day and a Daughter’s Day. The honored kid chooses a special family activity, and the rest of the family (including brothers and sisters) spends the day saying kind things about him or her. Sounds like a tradition that KidsPost readers would support!

— Christina Barron