Pinay is recovering after her long ocean voyage, but she is still skittish and in need of a home. (AP)

A 4-year-old cat who stowed away in a container ship headed from the Philippines to California is gaining weight and getting stronger after the trip without food or water left her near death.

Los Angeles County animal control director Marcia Mayeda says the orange-and-white female cat was weak and frail after the 7,300-mile trip. But after two weeks of treatment, the feline is in fair condition.

The hospital staff named the cat Pinay (pin-EYE), a common name for a woman or girl from the Philippines.

The cat has cleared quarantine (that’s when an animal is kept away from other animals to prevent the spread of illnesses). But she needs to be adopted into a calm home because she is still skittish, animal control officials said.

A year ago, a 3-month-old kitten named Ni Hao (NEE-how) survived a freighter trip from China to Los Angeles and was placed in a home.

— Associated Press