Audrey and Sully Portner have created daily chalk drawings in the family's driveway in Arlington, Virginia, during the coronavirus outbreak. This one is of Hawaii, where the family was supposed to go for spring break. The Portners brought KidsPost along on their “staycation.” You can do something like that to be part of our Summer of KidsPost. (Family photo)

KidsPost’s summer tradition is to go on vacation with readers. Our pages have traveled to the beach, the mountains and landmarks around the world. This year travel is much more challenging. But instead of scrapping our tradition, we’ve decided to ask readers to be creative: Take us on your travels even if that means staying home.

We realize that this is an unusual idea, so we talked to two kids in Arlington who have been traveling since March without leaving their driveway.

Audrey and Sully Portner, both 10, were spending time one afternoon in March drawing with sidewalk chalk.

“We were thinking about how much we missed our swim team,” Audrey told KidsPost. “So we decided to draw the pool but in 3-D.”

Audrey and Sully, age 10, take a break in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, or their colorful version of the park. (Family photo)

They also ride the waves on a white-water rafting trip. Audrey suggests outlining objects in brightly colored chalk to make the drawings pop. (Family photo)

The 3-D part was Audrey and Sully positioned on the starting blocks in the drawing ready to dive into the imaginary water. Their mom, Courtney, snapped a picture.

The fourth-graders had so much fun with it, that they decided to do another and another. It has become a daily activity.

The drawings include other places the kids miss, including Hawaii, where the family has visited and was supposed to go for spring break.

“My favorite was the hot-air balloon ride,” Sully said. “It took a lot of effort.”

The two have advice for those wanting to travel through chalk art.

“If you outline the drawing with a color that’s bright, it will pop,” Audrey said.

Sully, who’s in charge of hosing down the driveway each day to erase the drawing, advises using dry pavement.

“Don’t let your dog roll around in the chalk,” Sully added.

Big sister Hannah adds a moment of excitement to the re-creation of a hot-air balloon trip over Tucson, Arizona. (Family photo)

So chalk art is one option. We’re interested in seeing what else kids can think up to “travel” this summer. If it becomes safe to leave town, and your family does, feel free to send us a photo of where you go.

Here are the rules:

●Get a recent copy of KidsPost. Take it on your staycation or vacation.

● Get someone to take a photo of you — and siblings or other family members — holding KidsPost. Just make sure at least one person in the photo is between the ages of 5 and 13.

●Have a parent fill out the form at­2020 and attach your photo. List the full name, age and hometown of everyone in the photo and explain what’s going on.

Families can submit only one photo, and it must have been taken after May 24, 2020. Entries are due by September 1.

At the end of the summer, three randomly selected families that have sent in photos will receive books and KidsPost goodies. Safe travels!