United States' Abby Wambach celebrates scoring her side's 2nd goal during the semifinal match between France and the United States at the Women’s Soccer World Cup. (Martin Meissner/AP)

K idsPost will be “at the beach” next week. But even on vacation, I think about sports. Here’s some of what’s on my mind.

●It’s too soon to tell, but I’m worried that the Redskins will cut my favorite player, Brandon Banks. He’s terrific at returning kicks, but that’s all he does. Coach Mike Shanahan might not want to keep someone who does only one thing.

●The Nationals’ hard-throwing pitcher Stephen Strasburg, who has returned to the minor leagues a year after elbow surgery, might be back with the Nats by September. When he arrives, Nationals fans should send thank-you notes to the doctors who performed the surgery and the trainers who helped Strasburg get healthy again. They are real sports heroes.

●Tiger Woods is playing golf again. But after so many leg injuries, I wonder if Woods will ever be as good as he was just a few years ago.

●Speaking of golf: Have you seen what 22-year-old golfer Rickie Fowler wears? His outfits are so bright, his gallery should be warned to wear sunglasses.

●The National Basketball Association players and owners are arguing over their contract. If they don’t come to an agreement, the NBA season might not start this fall. Some players, such as the Wizards’ Trevor Booker, have agreed to play on teams in other countries if the NBA argument continues. I don’t blame them; they want to play.

I bet the Washington Mystics wish the WNBA had canceled its 2011 season. The Mystics are struggling. They are in last place in their conference.

Almost 40 percent of Major League Soccer games this season have ended in ties. I think ties are okay, especially for kids’ soccer games, but that is a lot of tie games for a professional league.

I’m sorry the women’s World Cup did not give a big boost to Women’s Professional Soccer, a six-team league. The World Cup games were super exciting and showed off the amazing soccer talent of Brazil’s Marta, Japan’s Homare Sawa and the United States’ Abby Wambach.

Fred Bowen is the author of 17 sports books for kids ages 8 to 12. His latest book, “Quarterback Season,” has just been published.