Little brother Jim Harbaugh, at left, will coach the San Francisco 49ers against his big brother John’s Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. (Photo at left by Mark Humphrey, photo at right by Matt Slocum/AP)

The San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens play in Super Bowl XLVII (47) Sunday. It is estimated that half the people
in the United States will watch at least part of the game. Let’s take a look at what all those people will be seeing.

The Harbaugh brothers: For the first time, brothers will be the head coaches of the two Super Bowl teams. Older brother John, 50, is the coach of the Ravens, while younger brother Jim, 49, leads the 49ers. So which team will the rest of the Harbaugh family root for? The brothers’ mom, dad and sister say they will wear neutral colors: no 49ers red and gold, no Ravens purple and black. I give the advantage to the Ravens with the coaching. As any kid with an older brother or sister knows, it’s tough for the younger kid to win at anything.

The quarterbacks: Both teams have good ones. Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers is a bigger — 6 feet 4 inches and 230 pounds — version of the Redskins’ Robert Griffin III. Like RGIII, Kaepernick can dominate any defense with his passing, running and tricky ball fakes.

I hope kids, coaches and parents notice something else about Kaepernick. He played three sports all through high school. Kaepernick was a star in football and basketball, but some thought his best sport was baseball. He was a fireballing pitcher who was drafted by the Chicago Cubs. Unlike too many kids these day, Kaepernick didn’t specialize in one sport, and he still became a star.

The Ravens’ quarterback, Joe Flacco, is red-hot, too. He threw for eight touchdowns and no interceptions in the Ravens’ three playoff winsthis year. Look for Flacco to find receivers Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith.

Quarterbacks Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens, left, and Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers have led their teams to the big game. (Photo at left by Jonathan Daniel, photo at right by Ezra Shaw/GETTY IMAGES)

Halftime show: Lots of people tune in to watch the halftime show. This year, pop singer Beyonce will be the star just a few weeks after she performed the national anthem at President Obama’s inauguration.

Prediction: I think it will be close, with lots of offense; both teams averaged more than 400 yards a game in the playoffs. I know there are lots of Ravens fans around Washington, but I am rooting for the 49ers. I have four older brothers and an older sister, so I always root for the younger brother. I say the final score will be San Francisco 28, Baltimore 23.

Fred Bowen writes the sports opinion column for KidsPost. He is the author of 18 sports books for kids. His latest book is “Go for the Goal!

Fresh from her appearance at the inaguration of President Obama, singer Beyonce Knowles will star in the always-popular halftime show. (Ricky Carioti/THE WASHINGTON POST)