First lady Melania Trump attends the president’s State of the Union address Tuesday night with guests Grace Eline and Joshua Trump. Joshua, who is not related to the Trump family, dozed off during President Trump’s 82-minute speech. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Tuesday night’s State of the Union address was President Trump’s moment to speak directly to the nation’s leaders — with millions of Americans watching — about his agenda and achievements. As it turned out, the president ended up sharing the spotlight with two kids attending the speech.

Joshua Trump, sitting two seats from first lady Melania Trump, was caught on camera sleeping midway through the president’s 82-minute speech. Joshua, who is not related to the president, was a guest of the Trumps. An image of the boy taking a snooze went viral Wednesday morning. Several adults joked that the speech went past their bedtimes, too.

The sixth-grader made headlines last year when his parents spoke out about him being bullied about his last name. The bullying got so rough that he had to be home-schooled. His parents said the bullying got worse when the president was elected in 2016. The first lady has made fighting bullying one of her priorities in the White House, as part of her “Be Best” initiative.

In a biography of Joshua, the White House noted that he is a fan of science, art and history and wants to have a career that involves animals.

“His hero and best friend is his Uncle Cody, who serves in the United States Air Force,” the White House said.

Grace and Joshua sat in the front row of the balcony in the Capitol’s House Chamber. When the president talked in his speech about Grace’s battle with cancer and her fundraising efforts, lawmakers gave her several standing ovations. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Sitting between Joshua and the first lady was 10-year-old Grace Eline, a brain cancer survivor. She was honored by the president for her courage, and lawmakers gave her several standing ovations.

The president addressed members of Congress for the second time, in what is the third- longest speech in State of the Union history.

“I am asking you to defend our very dangerous southern border out of love and devotion to our fellow citizens and to our country,” he said.

The speech didn’t provide details on his immigration policy. He urged lawmakers to find a solution to the problem of illegal immigration by February 15, the next government shutdown deadline.