The iGuy, left, turns iPads into soft creatures with arms and legs. The Big Grips case, right, includes a frame and a stand. Verso’s Scholar has a black-marble cover, and the OMG! feels like duct tape. (Matt McClain/For The Washington Post)

Whatever brand of portable device you use for playing apps, you’ll want to keep the tablet safe and sound — and maybe a bit more colorful than when it came out of the box. KidsPost has a few ideas for you.

iGuy turns iPads into creatures with arms and legs. His squishy arms make perfect handles as you carry him from room to room. He can stand up or lie down on his cushioned back, which has a hole for the iPad’s camera. iGuy comes in five colors and fits all versions of the iPad. (Speck. $39.99. Available at, Target and Wal-Mart.)

Big Grips is another super sturdy iPad option. The case comes in two parts: a frame and a stand. Use the stand if you like your iPad propped up, or take it out if you prefer the iPad flat on a table or on the floor. Both parts are made from squishy foam and protect the device from bumps and scratches. Big Grips comes in several colors and two sizes, depending on which iPad version you own. (KEM Ventures. $49.95; $34.95 for frame only. Available at

Older kids will appreciate the stylish and less bulky Verso Scholar and OMG! cases. The Scholar looks like a mini composition book, with its black-marble cover and its blue lines inside. (Mom and Dad will probably catch on that it’s not your English journal.) Verso’s OMG! looks as though it’s covered in that popular design material: duct tape. The bright green or pink cover also feels as though it’s covered with the tape, but luckily it won’t come off. Both styles come in three sizes and fit many seven- to 10-inch e-readers and tablets, including the Kindle Fire, the Nook HD and the iPad Mini. (LightWedge. $39.99-$49.99. Available at,; selected styles at Office Max, Radio Shack and Wal-Mart.)

— Christina Barron