Robert Griffin III and the rest of the Redskins haven’t started off their season well. But there are plenty of ways to spend your time besides watching them. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Wow, that was quick. The Washington Redskins are 0-3. That’s zero wins and three losses. Only five of the 161 teams that started their season 0-3 since 1978 have made the National Football League (NFL) playoffs.

So the Redskins’ season might be over before it got started.

Perhaps they have done us a favor with their slow start. With the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having, maybe we should all pay less attention to the Redskins and do something other than stay indoors and watch a losing team on TV.

Like what?

Why not get a bunch of friends, go to the park and play touch football? Football can be a fun game without all the bone-crunching tackles. In touch football, you tackle the ball carrier by touching him with either one hand or both. But you still make up plays, run, pass and score touchdowns.

One more thing: Girls can play touch football, too. So there’s no reason for girls to sit on the sidelines.

Or maybe you can learn to toss a Frisbee. There are lots of ways to throw the plastic disk: backhand, sidearm or overhand, just to name a few. Playing Frisbee is great because it gets you running and you can do it almost anywhere. But not inside the house — your parents will yell at me!

The best part about learning to throw a Frisbee is that you can play Ultimate Frisbee with your friends. Ultimate is a super-fun game that is like touch football, but you play it with a disk instead of a football.

If you can’t get enough friends together to play a big game, just get one to play catch with you. You can play catch with anything: a football, Frisbee, baseball, tennis ball, lacrosse ball.

What I always liked about playing catch was that you can talk while you play. Hey, maybe you and your friend can figure out what’s wrong with the Redskins.

Or go for a family hike. There are lots of walking trails in and around Washington, including the 32 miles of trails in Rock Creek Park and the trails at Great Falls on both sides of the Potomac River. (See Sunday’s Kids­Post for more ideas.)

But don’t sit around wondering why Robert Griffin III is not playing like the superstar he was last season or why the Redskins defense can’t stop anyone. Autumn in the Washington area is beautiful, so get out and do something.

Soon enough, it will be cold and the days will be shorter, and you will be happy to be snug indoors watching the Redskins.

Who knows? Maybe by then they will have won a few games.

Bowen writes the sports opinion column for KidsPost. He is the author of 18 sports fiction books for kids. His latest is “Perfect Game.”