Washington’s Leonie and Daniel Aksyonov had a copy of KidsPost with them last summer in Bozcaada, Turkey. (Family Photo)

Saturday is the first day of summer. That means it’s officially vacation season. After working hard throughout the school year, you surely need a vacation. We do, too. But we forgot to make plans, so we’re asking you to take us wherever you’re going. (Yes, we have done this before. In fact, readers have been taking KidsPost on vacation for 14 years!)

We call it “The Summer of
Kids­Post,” and here’s what we would like you to do:

●Go on vacation: It can be someplace as far away as Tokyo or as near as the Blue Ridge Mountains.

●Take a copy of KidsPost with you. It can be from any day of the week.

●Get someone to take a picture of you (and siblings, cousins, grand-parents) holding KidsPost.

●Have one of your parents fill out the form and attach your photo, or mail it to Kids­Post, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071.

●Be sure to include the full name, age and home town of everyone in the photo. Also, write a sentence or two about what made your vacation memorable. We will publish pictures in the newspaper and at
kidspost.com through the summer.