Being young and smart is always a good look. (ISTOCKPHOTO)

You may think that only grown-ups can change the world, meaning that you may have 10, 15 or 20 years before you will do anything amazing. But that’s just not true. Many famous men and women, from artists and composers including Pablo Picasso and Mozart, to athletes and world leaders such as Wilma Rudolph and Mother Teresa, started doing amazing things when they were about your age — or even younger.

Their stories are told in two very fun new books, “Girls Who Rocked the World” and “Boys Who Rocked the World.”

We’ve put together a fun quiz based on the stories in these books. The first two kids (ages 7 to 13) who e-mail us with all the correct answers will win a KidsPost T-shirt and a copy of one of the books. In order for your entry to be considered it must include your full name, age, home town and phone number as well as a note from a parent, guardian or teacher giving you permission to enter. Send your entries to Good luck!

1 What did Pablo Picasso’s father, himself an artist and art teacher, do after seeing a bowl of grapes his son had painted at age 15?

“Boys Who Rocked the World,” by Michelle Roehm McCann, and “Girls Who Rocked the World,” by McCann and Amelie Welden, tell stories of young people doing amazing things. (Matt McClain/For The Washington Post)

A. Told his son he could do better

B. Hung the picture in the family’s house

C. Paid for his son to get art lessons

D. Never painted again because he knew he wasn’t as good a painter as his son

2 What was Albert Einstein’s nickname in school?

A. Crazy-Hair Boy

B. The Genius

C. Mr. Relativity

D. Mr. Stupid

3 What had cellist Yo-Yo Ma done by the time he was 7 years old?

A. Performed on national television

B. Played for two presidents of the United States

C. Written a song about a frog

D. All of the above

4 What did Leopold Mozart find his son Wolfgang doing when he was 5 years old?

A. Coloring on the walls of the family house

B. Playing the piano with jelly-covered fingers

C. Writing the first of the more than 600 pieces of music he would write in his lifetime

D. Playing outside when he should have been practicing his violin

5 When she was 15 years old, what did Harriet Tubman do for the first time?

A. Learn to read and write

B. Help a slave escape to freedom

C. Sew a dress

D. Ride a train

6 As a school project, Maya Lin came up with the design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. What grade did she get on the project?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. F

7 Golda Meir grew up to be the first female prime minister of Israel. When she was 5, she did which of the following?

A. Was elected her kindergarten class president

B. Refused to eat for a day to protest poor treatment of Jewish people

C. Helped her older brother with his math homework

D. Gave a speech at the United Nations

8 Mary Anning was 11 years old when she found what?

A. One of the first skeletons of an Icthyosaurus (“fish lizard”)

B. The Hope Diamond

C. The Lost City of Atlantis

D. A cure for diabetes

— Tracy Grant