Rob Mies brought a few bats to the Maryland Science Center in 2013 for Backyard Science Days. He and his friends will appear at the 2014 event. (Maryland Science Center)

Science isn’t just about experiments in laboratories or rovers on Mars. It’s all around — even in your own back yard.

The Maryland Science Center is celebrating science that’s easy to observe with its annual Backyard Science Days.

There will be hands-on activities such as building beetle habitats, making seed bombs and racing vegetables.

Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources will be there with local birds of prey and reptiles.

Bat expert and TV personality Rob Mies will show up with a big brown bat, which is commonly seen in the Baltimore-Washington area. But Mies will also bring fruit bats from Africa and the world’s largest bat, a flying fox bat. It wouldn’t be found in your back yard . . . unless you live in Southeast Asia or Australia.

What: Backyard Science Days

Where: Maryland Science Center, 600 Light Street, Baltimore

When: August 16 and 17, noon to 4 p.m.

How much: Activities are included with admission. Adults $18.95, ages 3 to 12 $15.95, age 2 and younger free.

For more information: A parent can visit