This is Wayne Klinkel's golden retriever, Sundance, at their home in Montana. Klinkel says his dog ate five $100 bills while he and his wife were on a road trip to visit their daughter. (Eliza Wiley/Independent Record via Associated Press)

Have you ever tried telling your teacher that your dog ate your homework?

Well, a Montana man is telling a similar story to the federal government. Wayne Klinkel says that his 12-year-old golden retriever ate five $100 bills.

Sundance, the dog, ate the bills while Klinkel and his wife were visiting their daughter. When they returned to their car after stopping for dinner, they realized what Sundance had done. Klinkel was careful to pick up and carefully go through Sundance’s poop. (Okay, we’ll pause here while you say EWWWW!)

Klinkel washed the remains of the bills and taped them together. He sent them to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington and included a note explaining what had happened and asking that he be sent five new $100 bills.

He may be in luck. According to the bureau’s Web site, a “mutilated currency examiner” will look at the bills to determine if at least 51 percent of any of the bills is there. If it is, then Klinkel should get his money back.

This is one of the five $100 bills Wayne Klinkel recovered from his golden retriever after she ate them. (Eliza Wiley/Independent Record via Associated Press)

Bad, Sundance!