YInMn blue, a pigment that was discovered by scientists at Oregon State University in 2009, has inspired a new Crayola crayon color. (Mas Subramanian)

Crayola’s new crayon color will be based on a blue pigment discovered in 2009.

Scientists at Oregon State University accidentally discovered the brilliant blue color when they were experimenting with materials that could be used in electronics.

Crayola announced in March that it was replacing the color dandelion in its 24-count crayon pack. (Richard Drew/AP)

Crayola said Friday that it’s partnering on the new crayon with Oregon State and the Shepherd Color Company, which licenses the pigment known as YInMn (pronounced yin-min) blue.

The crayon maker recently retired the color dandelion. Crayola is leaving it to fans to come up with a name for the replacement crayon, which will make its debut this year.