Brittany Marshall, 24, climbs out from inside the igloo snowman she and her family buit at their home in Hutchinson, Kansas, on Sunday. (Lindsey Bauman/Associated Press)

As February draws to a close this week, bringing with it the end of meteorological winter, it’s looking like this will be the second Washington winter with almost no snow. (Weather scientists say that winter is December, January and February.)

And while we may be complaining, the folks in the middle part of the country may be ready for winter to end already. Parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri were being blanketed with snow just a few days after another storm left the region under a foot or more of snow.

Forecasters were saying as much as 16 inches of snow could fall in Kansas and winds could reach 55 miles per hour. That would come after 14 inches of snow fell just last Thursday.

All that snow meant that travel was difficult and, of course, what matters most to KidsPost readers, schools were closed.

Don’t lose all hope, however. March snow is still possible in Washington. On March 9, 1999, a surprise snowstorm dumped about a foot of snow on the area.