"Pretty Costumes," illustrated by Hannah Davies and Nellie Ryan. (Little Simon)

“Pretty Patterns” and

“Pretty Costumes” by Hannah Davies. All ages.

KidsPost almost never writes about coloring books, because, let’s face it, coloring books are for little kids. You probably haven’t used a coloring book in three or four years, right?

But these coloring books are so beautiful, so intricate and so artistic that we predict you’ll have a hard time putting down your markers, crayons and colored pencils.

“Pretty Patterns,” illustrated by Hannah Davies and Beth Gunnell. (Little Simon)

“Pretty Costumes” features traditional costumes from around the world, including koi patterns from Japan and henna patterns from India. The great part is that you get to decide what colors go where to mix each country’s traditions with your creativity.

“Pretty Patterns” is just plain fun, inviting you to put your individual stamp on patterns as different as cactus plants in bloom and an assortment of pretty purses. Whether you like bold, bright colors or soft pastel hues, we think there are beautiful pictures in your future with these very “grown-up" coloring books.

— Tracy Grant